The Genlivet was the world's first single-malt whisky, hence it’s the only one to have the definite article in its name. We were tasked with building brand passion among The Glenlivet’s online community, the Glenlivet Guardians. We answered the brief by developing The Glenlivet Chronicle Edition. This Limited Edition whisky would be chosen by, and only made available to, members of The Glenlivet Guardians.

The agency’s vision was for The Glenlivet's Brand Ambassador Ian Logan to take a global tour, chronicled every step of the way on a bespoke microsite, visiting communities of Guardians in key territories. At each stopover he hosted a tasting for the Guardians who would pick their favourite from among a range of malts. At the end of the tour, a single winner would emerge to become The Chronicle Edition. And The Guardian’s would have helped to write the next chapter in the brand's rich history.

The collateral we created for the campaign helped drive sign-up to the Guardians online community, which is swiftly becoming a key pillar of the brand’s communications strategy.  /  twitter