Tick Tock is the original redbush tea, a brand still wholly owned by the family who first imported redbush into Britain over 100 years ago. When we first spoke to Tick Tock, they highlighted a specific problem - while Tick Tock was well-loved by its purchasers, and the outstanding packaging recognised by consumers, they simply weren’t drinking enough of it. The Tick Tock pack loitered at the back of the cupboard as an occasional tea instead of being the ‘Anytime Tea’ that is the brand’s positioning.

We immediately recognised that the problem was one of product understanding; purchasers (even brand advocates) simply didn’t realise that naturally-decaffeinated redbush can be drunk at any time of day or night. By educating them around the Anytime Tea proposition, purchasers would make it their ‘go to’ tea rather than a special occasion tea. And, by doing so with a tone of voice entirely in keeping with the brand’s values, we could build consistent consumption at the same time.

Our campaign went live in September 2013 and, in 3 months, delivered a huge sales spike as well as helping Tick Tock increase market share and reclaim their position at the UK's no.1 redbush tea. It also proved the engine for their social media, building an online community of brand advocates from a zero start.

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